The Truth About Marijuana


The Foundation for a Drug Free World has put together a documentary called The Truth About Marijuana exposing the real world consequences of teen marijuana use, and it is full of useful information straight from teens themselves.

The documentary covers a wide variety of marijuana related topics such as its status as a gateway drug, the dangerous black market that has been created around it, and its increased potency compared to previous decades. It has useful information for parents and teachers who would like to know more about the drug so they can keep an eye out for any red flags such as a lack of motivation, depression, and slipping grades.

The Truth About Marijuana also debunks the myth that marijuana is not addictive. Real young people give heartfelt answers about how their addiction has negatively impacted their lives.

The Foundation for a Drug Free World is a coalition of prevention professionals from around the globe who have come together to make a difference on an international scale. They are the largest non-government drug prevention program in the world and have distributed more that 50 million drug prevention booklets in 180 countries and aired public service announcements on 500 different channels.


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